Motivational & Health CoachingHealth Coaching is a powerful tool for change and transformation. People who have transformed their lives know that our coaching can help in any instance as long as the person desires to consciously make changes in their life.

Health Coaching works by accessing the mind to release old patterns and beliefs, heal and reprogram for success, health and happiness. It is also a very exciting and powerful process to help adjust self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. You can learn to use the power of your own mind to create new life giving alternatives to old
self-limiting behaviors.

Customized Health Coaching CD’s are also available so that you can continue to effectively motivate yourself in your own time and space. The CD’s are also covered by extended health benefits under Naturopathic Medicine and are great for people who are unable to see us in person.

We all want to improve ourselves. Health Coaching is a magnificent tool to help achieve these changes. When you change your thoughts, you change your destiny!  Health Coaching will reprogram your mind’s obsolete belief patterns and replace them with beliefs of success, empowerment, faith and enthusiasm.

Specializing in programs to assist you in:

  • Positive Lifestyle & Habit Changes: stop smoking, exercise more and eat healthier
  • Accelerated Physical Healing from: Illness, injury & surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the coaching process work?

This coaching process works by changing a persons emotional and thought patterns about the changes they want to make in their life. By changing the emotional and thought patterns first, the physical changes seem much more easy and enjoyable.

How is the coaching program covered under Naturopathic Medicine for my benefits?

The MNHC Naturopathic & Medispa Clinic is owned and directed by a registered Naturopathic Doctor who oversees and reviews the coaching programs.

What changes can be made with this coaching process?

Any positive changes including cessation of smoking, exercising frequently, eating healthier and even improved study habits for students are just a few examples of the positive changes which can be achieved with Health Coaching.

How does coaching help to accelerate physical healing?

In order to accelerate the healing of any “dis-ease” surgery or injury, we must be thinking and feeling in a consistently positive way. The coaching process will help change a person’s thought and feeling patterns to a positive nature so that healing can be as fast and efficient as possible.