Achieving Your Healthy Weight through Nutrition

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Dear Doctor Diana: I have been on a weight loss program that you have designed for me and I have lost a significant amount of weight, but I now find I am plateauing. Are there any nutritional supplements that can get me over this hurdle?

Dr. Diana has invited me to give you my advice and I’ll do so by reiterating the top diet Dos and Don’ts:

• Drink the number of 8-ounce glasses of water according to your earlier weight measurements

• Eat (some) raw food at each meal (leaf lettuce, green peppers, celery, avocado, raw nuts)

• Eat two to three servings of fruits a day (all berries, melons, plums and green apples), depending on your dietary plan

• Eat four to six servings of cooked vegetables a day, and include a rainbow of colours, such as green (broccoli, spinach, green beans, Swiss chard), yellow or white (cauliflower, zucchini, squash, mushrooms), orange and red (tomatoes, peppers), purple (eggplant, cabbage)

• Eat in a relaxed environment and chew your food well

• Add those good fats to your smoothies and salads (MCT oils, flax seed oil) – they help burn fat

o Avoid ALL sugars (read the labels on prepared foods, ketchup)

o Avoid white (corn, rice) and wheat flour products (breads, rolls, pasta, pancakes, cereal, muffins, white rice cakes)

o Avoid hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils (frozen entrees and meals, frozen bakery products, margarines, shortening, microwave popcorn)

Revisit your weight loss plan, and see how many times you may have fallen off the wagon and maybe had a bag of chips (which didn’t seem like much at the time). Not healthy, and not good for weight management.

There is one more reason why it may seem that there is no progress: when you exercise (as you surely do) and follow a dietary weight reduction plan, you’re burning fat and building muscle mass.

At least you’d want to preserve your muscle mass by adopting an exercise program suitable to your needs, and changing the routine until it gives you the results you’re looking for.

You may want to add few more dietary supplements:

  • A natural fat burner (different formulas for men and for women)
  • A high antioxidant formula (low levels of vitamin C will reduce your body’s ability to use fat as energy)
  • A liver support formula
  • A kidney support formula.

Also, consider starting short sessions of infrared sauna (ideally after a work out). This will help speed up detoxification, and assist you in your weight loss and achieving better health.

To your good health and a healthy weight,

Flora Zorn, R.H.N.
Registered Holistic Nutritionist