Ask The Professional: Motivational Coach. How can I improve my skin through thoughts and emotions?

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Dear James,

How do my thoughts and emotions effect the quality of my skin?


Dear Curiuos,

We all know that emotions, and the inner workings of our psyche, play a major part on our skin. New science has emerged showing that our thoughts, which affect our emotions, in turn affect our epidermis. When our thoughts are in a negative state, our emotions follow, and then our skin is affected in the process.
Studies have shown that the power of mere thought, a subject had the power to communicate and direct their cells in an order in which they wished. Pure thought and suggestion had enough impact to alter the chemical and molecular structures inside of their bodies in order to change what they wanted to.

Changing our beliefs, thoughts and emotions has been shown to help remove warts from the skin. A significant decrease in warts in patients who underwent hypnosis has shown that hypnotherapy can play a strong role in dermatology.
Also, by discovering past emotions, and being able to release them through hypnotherapy, one can clear their skin issues immediately. Their can also be secondary gain issues behind your skin problems that can be resolved through hypnosis. These both can create a serious change within your skin.
By changing the thoughts through hypnosis and health coaching, we in turn change our emotions. Emotions are what affects our skin, and when we are feeling stressed or happy on the inside, it shows on the outside. By utilizing the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, one can significantly change the appearance of their skin. Decrease wrinkles, clear acne, remove warts–whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve.

James Griffin
Stress Management & Health Coach