Ask The Professional- Psychotherapist: How can I manage my high blood pressure?

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As a psychotherapist from a psychological perspective, I would say manage your stress!  Have a positive attitude!
Take inventory of how stressed you feel and determine the sources of your stress.Can you eliminate any of them? Can you say no or postpone them to a later time?
There are numerous ways to manage your stress such as engaging in regular physical activity, doing things you enjoy, maintaining a positive attitude, use meditation or hypnosis to refocus and relax, eat healthy, smile and laugh, spend time with those you love, limit alcohol and caffeine intake, getting enough sleep and the list goes on.
It’s important to develop a positive and realistic attitude towards life and relationships. It will minimize the stress you feel and help you manage your blood pressure. Being in any kind of relationship involves risk which means we could get hurt. Therefore, for the sake of your health let go of the past and forgive those who have hurt you, realize that there are many things in life that you can not control so focus on making changes where you can, accept your limits, enjoy what you have in your life, seek help when you need it, look around and appreciate nature and your environment, make time for your family and friends and share your problems with them. You can help them by listening. Remember to give others the benefit of the doubt and accept them even when they make mistakes. Ensure to have realistic expectations of others as they can’t meet your every need.
Wanda Leung, MA, Marriage and Family Psychotherapist

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