Ask The Professional – TCM Acupuncturist: Effective treatments for High Blood Pressure:

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Although other medicines approach hypertension as a cardiovascular disease, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the origin of hypertension is mainly regarded as a deficiency of Chi or Qi energy (vital energy) and blood also caused by the imbalance of Yin and Yang of heart, digestive system, liver and kidney.
High Blood Pressure may be developing over many years without noticeable symptoms, signs such as irregular heart beat, fatigue, feeling of disorientation, nausea/vomiting, chest pain, ear ringing/buzzing, blood in urine, dizziness, nose bleeds, and headaches may manifest only when High Blood Pressure conditions are serious or more advanced.
It is important also to know that high blood pressure may develop into severe health problems including brain damage, heart attack or stroke, blindness and the damage of the kidneys. Symptoms of dizziness, headaches, are indications of early stages of this condition. In latter stages dampness accompanied with phlegm, is likely to cause complications of stoke.
In the point of view of TCM practitioners the condition is viewed as deeper underlying health problem; for instance, the excess of Yang may be cause by other factors no commonly acknowledged such as depression, anger, anxiety, stress or a combination of all.
Since liver and kidney are filtration organs, a congested liver or kidney will restrict the flow of blood causing the pressure of the blood to go up. If the liver fails to metabolize cholesterol the accumulation of it can create high blood pressure.
A series of Acupuncture treatments is recommended the exact number depends on the individual. Also a good cleanse of liver and kidney can help patients avoid the use of medications.
Other recommendations are also very beneficial in the treatment of High Blood Pressure such as Meditation, daily exercise, good diet etc.
The main aim of TCM is to help the patient reach a state of tranquility, to harmonize the liver-wind and to nourish the Ying Energy, at the same time to remove the excess of Yang energy.
It had been proven that after an intensive natural program patients who were on blood pressure medication, no longer needed it.

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