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Can Acupuncture Help With Insomnia?
Yes in my experience as a TCM practitioner, I have encounter quite a few cases of people suffering from this condition and acupuncture has been extremely effective in targeting the relaxing effect on the nervous system. Using this ancient method we can over time correct the root issue that is causing the insomnia with no side-effects. The aim of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments is to balance the body, mind and spirit so that good sleep take place naturally and consistently.

There are many underlying “patterns of disharmony” that can cause insomnia. For example:
Lack of exercise, too much thinking, worries, anxiety, dry eyes, poor diet, anger, night sweats, hot flashes, and physical or emotional pain. Medications such as sleeping pills, tranquilizers have been given to patients to promote sleep these form of treatment have side effects and can develop to a more serious problem if taken without regard or too frequently.
Acupuncture will relieve insomnia by alleviating pain and anxiety, some patients experience a great sleep after their first acupuncture treatment others require a more personalized program of treatments depending on their individual conditions.

Treatments include:
For the body each time a combination of Acupressure points follow by Acupuncture needles selected to restore Liver stagnation leading to fire that weakens the heart/spirit, others to stimulate heart disturbance from spleen, and kidney deficiency. In the ear points to strengthen liver, kidneys, spleen and heart are also used.

Acupressure on certain points of the energy chain of the body encourages an increases serotonin a hormone that promotes sleep.
A good suggestion to use at home is applying acupressure to a specific point as follow; tape a dry bean to the inside of your right wrist 3 fingers from the wrist crease between the tendons, this will help reduce anxiety, calm the heart and promote sleep. Other points to stimulate are on top of the head, top back neck bellow the base of the skull, in the hollow on both sides, on the back of the hands between the thumb and forefinger, below both knees, on the bottom at the center of the feet.

Angie Tobόn, R.Ac, CNP, RRPr.
Licensed Medical & Cosmetic Acupuncturist & TCM Practitioner
Certified Naturotherapy Practitioner

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