How Sports Hypnosis Enhances Peak Performance

Posted by | February 25, 2010 | Blog | No Comments

To many individuals, the term ‘hypnosis’ may conjure up images of a magician and a skeptical audience member. In this scenario, the magician casts a strange spell upon his subject, likely rendering the subject helpless at reacting to a predetermined stimulus.

Perhaps every time the subject hears or says the word ‘dog’, he has been subconsciously instructed by the magician to react by barking. While many people associate the term ‘hypnosis’ with magic, the fact of the matter is that it is a very real therapeutic state that can be used to heighten senses in a variety of situations, including sports hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used as an effective form of healing for many centuries. By being induced into a state of deep relaxation, an individual is able to release every day tensions and worries and, instead, fuel energy into an intense state of focus and concentration. Current research and evidence support the notion that hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool in dealing with a plethora of ailments, conditions, and neuroses. Maybe it is time that we, as a culture, start looking at hypnosis as a valid form of physical and mental health treatment?

Sports hypnosis is a legitimate coaching method that has enabled many athletes to enhance their performance abilities. From a very young age, many of us have been taught to believe in the power of positive thinking. Coupled with confidence, being positive helps to develop and nurture a determined mindset. Without these two attributes, a solid work ethic, and incredible internal discipline, then one cannot expect to easily or automatically achieve lofty goals. Sports hypnosis can play a role in strengthening all of these qualities while simultaneously helping an individual to create a new set of rules for success for one’s subconscious mind.

Because we tend to live our lives on multiple scripts, both positive and negative, we often allow assumptions and perceptions to dictate the outcome of a certain situation. Sports hypnosis can help athletes to create sets of rules that will inevitably enhance their chances at success. From shaving seconds off your mile time to increasing the amount of weight that you can bench press, sports hypnosis is a valuable tool in regard to helping athletes achieve their peak performance capabilities. As powerful an enemy as it can be, the subconscious mind is also a strong ally in directing one toward accomplishing athletic goals. If you don’t achieve your goal on your first attempt, do not look at this as the ultimate defeat. By viewing this as an opportunity to learn and improve upon your tactics rather than viewing yourself as a victim of circumstance, you can help yourself in rewriting your internal script for success.

Sports hypnosis assists athletes in believing in themselves and in achieving the goals that they set for themselves. Enhancing peak performance capabilities is a major goal of sports hypnosis. By empowering individuals and helping them to shape the way they view their obstacles, sports hypnosis can aggressively motivate and push athletes to positive limits.