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So many people these days are looking for natural ways to improve the quality of their sleep and to increase their daily energy. There are many ways to achieve this goal however if you are looking for a fast way to turn this goal into a reality, here is a great solution … Power Naps!

You have probably experienced from time to time a natural slump in your body temperature during the mid-afternoon. This slump is what makes people sleepy during the day, and why so many people feel the need to take an afternoon nap! However, is taking a nap good for strengthening your sleep and daily energy quality? The answer is yes, and no.

In many siesta countries, taking a regular nap is a normal part of the culture, (ex. Spain, Mexico.) This has several effects:

During the first human sleep cycle, our body enters deep sleep for the longest period of time and it’s at that point that our body temperature begins to drop, and our respiration, heart rate and blood pressure decreases.

If you’ve ever been woken up out of “deep sleep”, you know that it feels almost impossible to get up. Waking up during or after a major deep sleep phase makes you feel lethargic, slow, and disorientated, (ex. Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom feeling like a zombie!)

It takes about 45 minutes to enter the first deep sleep phase. If a person awakens during this phase, they will feel very sleepy and disorientated. So, if you limit your nap to 45 minutes, you will wake up feeling re-charged and ready to go!


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