STRESS – The silent killer!

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Most medical doctors agree that the immune system is capable of healing just about anything if it is not suppressed by stress. And it is a widely accepted belief that when your immune system is working correctly, it’s impossible to get sick.

Although The Healing Codes are designed to eliminate internal stress, they can ALSO be used to eliminate stress caused by external conditions such as …

… a job you hate
… a demanding boss
… messy relationships
… stacks of unpaid bills
… tight deadlines
… or a downturn in the economy

It’s hard to turn on the TV or radio these days without getting bombarded with depressing news about the economic recession, double-digit unemployment, the escalating numbers of foreclosures and bank failures. Even if we wanted to remain detached from such news, the stress has a way of occupying our waking moments — and consequently threatening our health.

In recent years, stress has become so commonplace and people have begun to regard it as a necessary evil inherent in modern life. Furthermore, people have begun to ignore the potentially deadly effects of stress, and assume an indifferent, or even complacent attitude — as though there’s nothing they could possibly do about it, so why bother?

But the fact is, you do NEED to bother because stress wreaks infinite havoc on your health. For example, scientists have discovered that everyday stress is a factor for the growth of cancerous tumors. This recent discovery, published in Nature, a science journal, shows that the conditions for developing cancer can be affected by your emotional environment — including everyday work and family stress.

And that’s just for starters. Stress is associated with your physical, emotional and mental health, and also causes serious behavioral effects. It is a well-established fact that stress is a major cause of heart disease. Stress induces the fight-or-flight response that can become lethal when it is allowed to become a way of life.

Perhaps the most deleterious effect of stress is this: It shuts down the immune system. And when the immune system shuts down, your body becomes susceptible to any and all diseases! No matter how you look at it, stress kills!

When they are “stressed out” some people tend to drink heavily, smoke or take over-the-counter or recreational drugs as a way of getting immediate chemical relief from stress. Some turn to excessive food consumption — and others seek the temporary respite of sleep. In the midst of severe stress, most people find themselves too anxious or jittery to turn to meditation or prayer.

In an effort to prevent stress from destroying your health, your sanity, and your ability to function during the day or to sleep at night, contact the Markham Natural Health Centre for some of the most effective stress relief treatments.

James Griffin

Stress Management & Health Coach